115 Berlin Startups to Watch in 2020

Berlin's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 115 Berlin tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

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Berlin-based Infarm raises an €88 million Series B round to create hyper-efficient urban farming at scale

Article by Mary Loritz

21 brilliant Berlin start-ups to watch

Article by John Kennedy

Berlin is Europe’s leading start-up capital, with a vibrancy and pace that is truly inspirational.

Berlin is rivalled only by London for cool, as well as the amount of capital raised.

But where Berlin blossoms is the serious lack of frictions faced by start-ups compared with London in terms of a vast tech talent pool from nearby central and eastern Europe, not to mention that rent and the cost of living is comparatively cheaper...

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Startup-Berlin - Jobs !

The essential resource for Jobs in the Startup area in Berlin as well as other essential resources.

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BerlinStartupJobs is the leading platform for inspiring jobs in Europe's new startup capital.
Founded in 2011, our aim is to connect startups and established tech companies in Berlin with the best talents.

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The hottest startups in Berlin

Article by Chris Stokel-Walker

Berlin's startup scene is all grown up – and its cheap rents and plentiful co-working spaces are still attracting a diverse mix of entrepreneurs.

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Once ‘poor but sexy’ Berlin bounces back as start-up hub


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10 Berlin-based startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond

Article by Bojana Trajkovska - 09.7.19

Berlin is the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs, with reports stating that there is at least one Berlin-based startup established in the city every day. From renting an electric scooter to next generation presentation software, Berlin’s startup offer is endless. Here are 10 which we will be hearing a lot from in 2019: more...

10 German startups to look out for in 2018

Article by Thomas Ohr

Germany has one of the most vital startup scenes in Europe, and according to our annual research on startup cities, Berlin is actually Europe’s 2nd biggest startup hub, right after London. In the beginning of this year we took a close look at the German startup landscape with the goal to introduce you to 10 of the most promising early-stage startups that are worth paying attention to in 2018.


This Startup Uses Dust to Fight Sweatshops

Leapsmag Article by

“We have developed the capability to turn dust into data that can be used to trace problems in the supply chain,” explains Jessica Green, the CEO of Phylagen, a San-Francisco-based company that she co-founded in 2014.


Article by Crystal Kang - 31.3.16

Berlin entrepreneurs on why Germany’s capital is hot...!


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